About our company
Certification body, testing laboratory and Geology - Hydrogeology LLC "TEXNIK SINOVLAR" offer you their services in the field of product conformity assessment with the requirements of the National Certification System of the Republic of Uzbekistan.
Range of services
Our services are presented in three main areas
  • Engineering geodetic surveys

    • Creation of geodetic and planning-high-altitude substantiation.
    • Topographic surveys of different scales (mostly large).
    • Tracing of linear structures.
    • Geodetic reference of geological workings, hydrological alignments, points of geophysical exploration.
  • Engineering geological and engineering geophysical surveys

    • Well drilling.
    • Selection of monoliths.
    • Performing a set of laboratory work to study the physical and mechanical properties of the soil for construction.
    • static probing (CPT).
    • Dynamic probing (SPT).
    • Acceptance of earthworks, control of soil compaction, survey of soils of bases for foundations with drawing up an act.
    • Stamp testing of soils.
    • Tests of piles with static indentation load.
    • Seismic exploration by the method of multichannel analysis of surface waves (MASW). Seismic exploration by refracted waves (SR) pressuremeter tests.
  • Hydrogeology

    • Drilling a well for water (drinking, for irrigation).
    • Flushing a water well.
    • Registration and updating of the well passport with the relevant requirements for autonomous water supply of any objects.

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